How to choose a glue?

  • 05/21/24
  • Posted by: LuXLash

We need to take into consideration some very important things before we choose the glue, what we want to use. We need to ask: how proficient we are, how fast we can work and which technique we want to use for.

The LuXLash Black Glue Salon Look dries slower 3-4 seconds, ideal for beginners, less experienced lash stylists or for slower pace of work. The LuXLash Strong Black Glue Developed dries in 2-3 seconds, perfect for classic, double or Volume sets.

The NEW! LuXLash Xpress Pro Black Glue faster drying time 1-2 seconds, for proficient, fast working lash stylists. For those who work, isolate, apply with 100% accuracy in case of classic, double and Volume sets too.


  • Every type of glue must be stored properly: in a calm place, protected from sunlight
    and humidity, in upright position.
  • Use on a temperature between 18-25°C.
  • Shake it constantly for 1 min before the first use.
  • Never use the first drop, because it always comes from the cap.
  • Always use small drops, in this case you need 2-4 drops for a whole set.
    Before every new drop shake the bottle for 20-30 seconds.
  • Pay attention: when the glue on the glass tray getting too sticky, splits into its componenets,
    you have to add a new drop.
  • Sign the date of opening on the bottle, due to the reglar use the glue contacts
    the air and starts polymerization. From the first opening the date of expiry is 1-2 months.
    Don’t worry, if you use 2-4 drops / set, you consume the whole bottle during this period of time.