LuXLash Pro article: 3 + 1 misconceptions about lashes

  • 05/21/24
  • Posted by: LuXLash

There are many misconceptions about eye lash extensions, what make the work of a lash stylish more difficult. It is not easy to explain them and convince others about the truth. If we manage we can gain a new client.

Let’s see the biggest myths.

1. Harms the natural lashes

The natural lashes surely will not get harmed if: you choose a professional lash stylist and you keep her advices, rules and requests. A professional stylist always chooses products, isolation and application techniques based on the natural lashes of the client. So the lashes will not stick together, get overloaded or harmed. If you keep the regulations the natural lashes will keep on growing properly and you will always have new lashes to refill without having less natural lashes.

2. Do the natural lashes need some „rest”?

If the clients keeps the rules mentioned in the first point, there is no need for the pause.

3. The longer, the richer

Unfortunately, many lash stylist follow the request of the clients, instead of choosing / offering a proper styling. Let them know that their natural lashes can limit the possibilities. There is no use to apply a very long and rich set, if it can harm their natural lashes. The clients always have to trust the eyelash stylist, who applies the proper length and style.

+1 The color lashes are for the extreme clients

You can bravely recommend the color lashes to the lovers of natural effect. A few color lashes, hidden among the black ones can highlight the natural color of the eye. For example: properly applied orange lashes can turn the green eye into wonderful emerald.