LuXLash - high quality, specially designed, natural effect lashes

  • 06/23/24
  • Posted by: LuXLash

The LuXLash eyelash extension technology means high quality and naturally beautiful looking. Thanks to the constant tests and developments the eyelash stylists can always create fascinating sets of lashes with high end products & tools.

LuxLash offers the highest quality products for the Volume technique, what means the most complex technique in eyelash extension nowadays. By wearing a set of natural looking, light and extremely rich looking Volume lashes - such as the LuXLash eyelash extensions - you can avoid the fake effect, they are invisible.

LuXLash offers a wide range of lashes adjusted to the different techniqes: 5 curvatures, 5 thickness, lenghts between 6-16 mms. LuXLash has a multi level education system, what provides maximum assistance to the students in order to become professional stylists in this new and very popular profession!